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    This is an agreement between you (you or your )and Myagriculturalcrops.com through which one can search the event services and can access ,you are agree to bound by these Terms and condition .Please note that we periodically change the terms and condition (Including access fee ,timings ,equipment ,access restrictions )without notice and you are responsible for checking the terms and conditions periodically for revisions.



    The information such as texts ,photographs ,design ,graphics,images ,sound and video recording, animation ,content ,advertisement ,other materials and effects (collectively materials )for the search services on the media are for your personal and non comercialuse only. We are under no obligation to monitor the material.s However everyone using the media agrees that Myagriculturalcrops may monitor the media content periodically . You are prohibited from data missing ,scraping ,crawling or using and process or processes that send automated queries to Myagriculturalcrops or using the media or any of them to compile a collection of listing including a competing listing product or service or for any unsocialite commercial e-mail.

    Reviews Ratings & Comment By Users :

    You are solely responsible for the content ,ratings and reviews posted on the website ,as the Myagriculturalcrops does not endorse or accept any of your communication as representative .However in case of any issue Myagriculturalcrops can remove these content reviews ratings anytime .Myagriculturalcrops reserves rights to mask or unmask your identity in respect of your respect and ratings
    Myagriculturalcrops reserves rights not to upload or distribute to or otherwise publish through the site or forums any communication which –
    Is obscene incident ,pornography ,sexually explicit ,threatening or abusive . Contains false or misleading information of origin or statement of fact. Violates any applicable laws ,rules or obligation . Contains software ,viruses or any loather malicious code designed to interrupt ,destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunication equipment. It is also clarified that if there are any issues or claims due to your posts by way of review ratings and comments then Myagriculturalcrops reserves rights to take appropriate legal action .


    The Myagriculturalcrops company name and logo , design marks and slogans are trademarks and service marks (“IP”) owned by and used under license by Myagriculturalcrops. You are not authorized to use Myagriculturalcrops IP in any advertising, publicity or in any other commercial manner.


    We assume no obligation to protect confidential or proprietary information provided by you from disclosure and will be free to reproduce, use, and distribute the information to others without restriction. We will also be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in information that you send us for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products and services incorporating such information.To read our privacy policy statement regarding such personal information please refer PRIVACY POLICY posted on our website Myagriculturalcrops.com While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity of the content on the Media, Myagriculturalcrops has no control over the accuracy of information provided or created by any third party on our pages, and material on the Media may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, and we make no guarantees, nor can we be responsible for any such information, including its authenticity, currency, content, quality, copyright compliance or legality, or any resulting loss or damage. Further, we are not liable for any kind of damages, losses or action arising directly or indirectly, due to access and/or use of the content on the Media or any of them including but not limited to content based decisions resulting in loss of data, revenue, profits, property, infection by viruses etc.


    Links to external Internet sites may be provided within the content on Media as a convenience to users. The listing of an external site does not imply endorsement of the site by Myagriculturalcrops. Myagriculturalcrops does not make any representations regarding the availability and performance of its Media or any of the external websites to which we provide links. Myagriculturalcrops is not responsible for the content, functionality, accuracy, relevancy, copyright compliance, legality, authenticity, technological safety or decency of material contained in these external sites. We reserve the right to disable links to or from third-party sites to any of our Media, although we are under no obligation to do so.All those sections in the Media that invite reader participation will contain views, opinion, suggestion, comments and other information provided by the general public, and Myagriculturalcrops will at no point of time endorse or be responsible for the accuracy or correctness of such information. Myagriculturalcrops reserves the absolute right to accept/or reject information from readers and/or advertisements and impose/relax Media access rules and regulations for any user(s).Myagriculturalcrops does not examine whether the advertisers registered with Myagriculturalcrops in whatsoever manner (the “Advertisers”) are good, reputable or quality sellers of goods / service providers. You must satisfy yourself about all relevant aspects prior to availing of the terms of service. Myagriculturalcrops has also not negotiated or discussed any terms of engagement with any of the Advertisers. The same should be done by you. Purchasing of goods or availing of services from Advertisers shall be at your own risk. Further, we do not investigate, represent or endorse the accuracy, legality, legitimacy, validity or reliability of any products, services, deals, coupons or other promotions or materials, including advice, ratings, and recommendations contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from the Media.All of the data on products and promotions including but not limited to, the prices and the availability of any product or service or any feature thereof, is subject to change without notice by the party providing the product or promotion. You should use discretion while using the Media. Your correspondence or business dealing with or participation in the sales promotions of Advertisers or service providers found on or through the Media, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, and warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and such Advertisers or service providers.References that we make to any names, marks, products or services of third parties or hypertext links to third party sites or information do not constitute or imply our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party, of the quality of any product or service, advice, information or other materials displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in or in connection with the Media.


    Payment made to Myagriculturalcrops is completely non refundable. We reserves rights to disable the account in case the payment is not done.


    These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the subject matter of these Terms and supersedes all prior written and all prior or contemporaneous oral communications regarding such subject matter. Accordingly, you should not rely on any representations or warranties that are not expressly set forth in these Terms. If any provision or provisions of these Terms shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforce ability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired.
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